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From The Kitchen Of Ane Mljecka; SARMA!

sarma-4-26-15Sarma is a typical traditional Croatian continental dish, usually prepared for all occasions such as parties, holidays, Christmas, Easter, etc. This is an ideal dish, prepared with vegetables, meat and rice. Longer it stays, the better it gets! This is because when the sauce stays longer the flavors soak into the meat. It is prepared with three types of meats (beef, veal, and pork), which is mixed with rice and wrapped in sauerkraut leaves. Usually sarma is also served with mushed potatoes.

Nobody cooks  sarma better then my friends Persa and Bero who live in Harisburg Pennsylvania. Recently my family and I were visiting them and had a feast with all different traditional foods. From smoke meats and sausages to roasted pig and roast lamb, and then my favorite sarma!

You can find sarma in a few Croatian Restaurants in the New York area. Restaurant Dubrovnik in New Rochelle, Social Clubs Istra and Rudar in Astoria…  Going very good with sarma is Croatian wine(vino) such as Enjingi Grasevina and other Croatian wines that you can find at stores like  L&J Wine and Liquors in Garwood, NJ.


Please Enjoy, or how we say in Croatia:  Dobar tek and živjeli!


With love,

Ane Mljecka

and Michelle Ramonita Rodriguez Strazicic!





for 8 people

1 bag head sourecabage

2 pound mix ground meet (beef,veal and pork)

2pound smoke meats (reabs, beacon and sausage)

1 cup rice

2 onions


bunch parsley

salt and pepper

2 table spoon red pepper


4 bayleaves

3 spoons oil




First, take the leaves off gently from the sauerkraut, wash them and leave them on the side. Once you have taken off all the leaves you are left with the middle section of the sauerkraut. Cut it into small peaces and put them in the bottom of the pot. Sauté all the vegetables and mix with the ground meats. Add salt, pepper, and one table spoon of red pepper(paprika), rice and egg. Mix well with your hand so nothing is missed.

Now start filing your sauerkraut leaves. Put the mix in the middle of the leaf and roll the leaf tightly. Place eat rapped leaf in the pot. When you have filled the bottom of the pot, sprinkle the layer with red pepper (paprika) and you may add smoked meats. Then finish  layering the rapped filled leaves until none is left. Again sprinkle the layer with red pepper (paprika). Add bayleaves and water to cover the sarma and cook it about two hours.

This is optional but if you would like to make a thicker sauce, salute tomato paste, flour, olive oil, and pepper. Mix it in the pot and leave the karma to cook another 15 minutes.

Lastly make mashed potatoes to complete the dish.



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