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Miro Sinovcic’s Impressionistic Style Makes Quite an Impression on the Art World

miro0919111Art vies for the hearts and minds of viewers. Fine oil on canvas paintings, though two dimensional, strive to capture the life and story of an object or scene. Great works go a bit further to successfully play and stir our imagination. If you had the opportunity to view Miro Sinovcic’s creations you might come to your own conclusion that in fact both of the above attributes are captured in his work. His oil-on-canvas paintings have several specific qualities, one being that they have a continuous dynamic – by that I mean the scene you are viewing is in constant fluctuation and motion. The paintings take on a different life depending on the angle or distance they are being viewed from. This exceptional quality can be partly attributed to the artist’s unique impressionistic/realistic/abstract style. His use of the infinite color spectrum, which bombards the canvas like a harmonious snow blizzard also, adds to this effect. Sinovcic’s use of light gives a pulse to the limited two-dimensional scene on the vulnerable piece of cloth. The paintings of Miro Sinovcic are in themselves amazing but what is even equally fascinating is that he developed his unique style just two years ago, when he consciously decided to become a fine artist. So I asked this amazing artist to elaborate on his life, work and his recent transformation.


An American Foodie authors “A Taste of Croatia”

A-TASTE-OF-CROATIA-COVERKaren  Evenden sees Croatian cooking following the Mediterranean philosophy of “what grows together goes together”, but in addition to that her favorite Croatian grocery store essentials are Podravka’s Vegeta, Frank’s Palenta and Croatian Sea Salt.

The holidays are coming up and you just got off the phone with your Croatian mother who doesn’t understand how your “Amerikanka” bride can’t make a simple Dalmatian Fish soup. Don’t hold your breath for the Food Network or a network morning show to devote time to introduce you to Croatian cooking. Approach your task the old fashioned way, through a cookbook, or the Croatian-American cookbook, A Taste of Croatia, by Karen Evenden.


JACK BARIC: Searching for a Storm

JackBaric_0621111Documentary Film Tells Story of General Ante Gotovina and the UN Court

A great number of his countrymen call him a hero. The United Nations ICTY prosecutor’s office indicted him as a war criminal.

Among those who would place him among the bravest Croats in history, many also cannot shake the gnawing feeling that he has been served up as a convenient political scapegoat and sacrificial lamb for his nation.


MY TRAVEL: From California to Peru and Brazil

macchuDear friends, after spending a few weeks in Peru and Brazil, I can't help but recommend the beautiful countries to everyone.   Peru especially touched my heart not only because of its striking natural beauty but also the wonderfully kind hearted locals.  For weeks I traveled through some of the most beautiful areas of Peru, such as Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.  At each historical sight I was amazed at what the Incas had built and also how simple life had still remained in many of the villages.  Especially on the man made floating islands of Lake Titicaca, where time had seemed to stop.  But the most stand out images are from the Catholic cathedrals and churches all around Peru, which are by far to say the least, jaw dropping beautiful.  The only drawback I would have to say to Peru is the high altitude which caused me to be sick the majority of my trip and the lack of descent fruit in the more rural areas.   But even that I can't really complain much because the locals took care of me as if I was one of their own.


Hrvatska ima punu podršku SAD-a

ISSUE 114 - May 2010

Američki potpredsjednik Jo Biden u utorak 25. svibnja  je u Bijeloj kući primio hrvatsku premijerku Jadranku Kosor, koja je boravila u dvodnevnom službenom posjetu Sjedinjenim Državama. Sastanak Biden-Kosor održao se u Rooseveltovoj sobi u Zapadnom krilu Bijele kuće, a nakon njega je hrvatska premijerka dala izjavu novinarima ispred Bijele kuće. Nakon sastanka Kosor je izjavila da Vlada ima punu i apsolutnu potporu SAD-a za svoj glavni strateški prioritet - dovršetak pristupnih pregovora s EU, kao i za borbu protiv korupcije i program oporavka. "Zahvalila sam potpredsjedniku Bidenu na prijateljskoj i partnerskoj potpori koju Hrvatska uživa od SAD-a.


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